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Many of us have been told in the past that we should be careful about reading Uriah Smith because he had major errors. It is true that Ellen White rebuked him for his rejection of the message in 1888. But he wrote his books on prophecy before that and in the 1890's the two books were bound together into one volume. Of this book Ellen White states in 1903:

"In The Desire of Ages, Patriarchs and Prophets, The Great Controversy, and in Daniel and the Revelation, there is precious instruction. These books must be regarded as of special importance, and every effort should be made to get them before the people.--Letter 229, 1903."  Colporteur Ministry page 123.

In Selected Messages Book 2 we read:

"Satan is working that the history of the Jewish nation may be repeated in the experience of those who claim to believe present truth... The very same Satan is at work to undermine the faith of the people of God at this time. There are persons ready to catch up every new idea. The prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation are misinterpreted. These persons do not consider that the truth has been set forth at the appointed time by the very men whom God was leading to do this special work. These men followed on step by step in the very fulfillment of prophecy, and those who have not had a personal experience in this work, are to take the Word of God and believe on "their word" who have been led by the Lord in the proclamation of the first, second, and third angels' messages. These messages, received and acted upon, are doing their work to prepare a people to stand in the great day of God." Selected Messages Book 2 page 111

"The Lord has shown me that this book will do a good work in enlightening those who become interested in the truth for this time. Those who embrace the truth now, who have not shared in the experiences of those who entered the work in the early history of the message, should study the instruction given in Daniel and the Revelation, becoming familiar with the truth it presents...The great, essential questions which God would have presented to the people are found in Daniel and the Revelation. There is found solid, eternal truth for this time. Everyone needs the light and information it contains... It is painful to think of the many cheap theories picked up and presented to the people by ignorant, unprepared teachers. Those who present their human tests and the nonsensical ideas they have concocted in their own minds, show the character of the goods in their treasure house. They have laid in store shoddy material. Their great desire is to make a sensation.The truth for this time has been brought out in many books. Let those who have been dealing in cheap sentiments and foolish tests, cease this work and study Daniel and the Revelation. They will then have something to talk about that will help the mind. As they receive the knowledge contained in this book, they will have in the treasure house of the mind a store from which they can continually draw as they communicate to others the great, essential truths of God's Word. The interest in Daniel and the Revelation is to continue as long as probationary time shall last. God used the author of this book as a channel through which to communicate light to direct minds to the truth. Shall we not appreciate this light, which points us to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, our King?...Ms 174, 1899." Manuscript Releases Vol. 1 page 61-65

With these statements in mind we offer a free pdf of the 1881 edition of the books "Thoughts on Daniel" and "Thoughts on Revelation." We do not recommend that you read the latest, 1944, revision of this work, as we have found that the editors reversed some of Uriah Smith's statements in the later editions, revised after his death in 1903.     

Thoughts On Daniel  by Uriah Smith (1881 Edition)

Thoughts On Revelation by Uriah Smith (1881 Edition)

The United States in Bible Prophecy by Uriah Smith (1874)

We are providing the following books and documents in pdf for reference and further study.

A General History of the Sabbatarian Churches by Mrs. Tamar Davis (1851)

This Mighty Hour
(1935 Article in Australian Record) by A.W. Anderson

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